Elves Love to Sleep on the Best Memory Foam Mattresses

 Elves Have Switched Their Bed with Memory Foam Mattresses – These Are Why

We (human) considers that sleeping is one of the most important parts of our lives. Ones who experience insomnia want to have a good night’s sleep every night. To solve this problem, many have tried medications which are often regarded as short term treatment. But since the commencing of the memory foam mattresses, now folks can sleep well in the night. As the time goes by, more and more people are using the best memory foam mattresses at their home.

Folks in the border between Elves realm and the human world also use the memory foam mattresses. A decade ago, someone in the border lent his mattress to his elf friend a mattress. Since then, Elves knew the word “sleep tight”.

Recently, Elves world has been very hyped up about the memory foam mattresses. As we know that Elves don’t usually sleep. Rather, they tend to meditate and take a rest in their tree sanctuary. They will sleep only when they are exhausted or injured. But with the memory foam mattresses, they are able to sleep and prolong their life. We also know that elves ages are very long. With the memory foam mattresses, they will be able to multiply their longevity. Thanks to human’s invention, they are now benefiting from memory foam mattresses.

Now, the memory foam mattresses are widely marketed in the Elven’ Realms. The popularity of these mattresses has been prevalent to the elven regardless their castes. Here are the benefits of memory foam mattresses for elves.

Speed up the Rejuvenation

The memory foam mattresses can be personalized to support the comforts when they rejuvenate or hibernate. When they are exhausted or injured, elves tend to sleep on their hammock all days. But with the memory foam mattresses, they will only need a week. Not to mention that they will feel rejuvenated 24 hours after sleeping on the memory foam mattresses.

These provide such maximum comforts to elves’ unique body shape and structure. As quoted from a male elf who tried the mattress “I feel healed twice faster than before”. When the elves recline in bed, the surface will reshape to adjust it with the elves body. That means when they sleep on the memory foam mattresses, the mattresses won’t give any pressure point. The same statements have been quoted from both male and female elves from Elfhome.

Many elves find the memory foam mattresses beneficial for their sleeping quality. They will feel easier in relaxing, napping, sleeping, as well as resting on the mattress. When they wake up, they will feel energized and start their day without any pains and aches.


Most elves agree that memory foam mattresses provide much better comfort than their usual hammock. We know that elves can’t be put to sleep by the wizards’ magics, except by the other elves. But now we can break the myth. If you want to make your elf friend sleep, buy him or her the best memory foam mattresses. They will love to sleep on it.


Memory foam mattresses are not like usual mattresses. Most elves do not like to sleep on the conventional mattress. But memory foam mattresses are different. They are made of a special viscoelastic material, which is prevalent to elves’ body anatomy. They tend to be lighter, softer, and more delicate than human. That’s why they won’t feel any discomfort when lying on the memory foam mattress. When they lie in a prone position, their delicate body will transfer the heat to the foam. As the foam heats, the modeling process occurs according to the curves and lines of their body. This support gets rid of pressure points, which make elves sleep well. Many elves experience relief from aches and pains thanks to these memory foam mattresses. Probably that is also the reason why elves in Elfhome rejuvenate faster when they use memory foam mattresses.

No Decadent

One of the problems why elves can’t sleep on the conventional human bed is because most of the products can be sagging over time. That means they need to constantly replace their beds with others until they decided to stick to their hammocks in elf’s tree home. But since the commencing of memory foam mattresses, this problem seems gone. The memory foam mattresses will not be sagging. The surface will return to its normal shape, as well as the overall structure. So the mattresses will keep being firm and not lose their ability even after some decades of usage. As we know that elves can live longer than human. They don’t have to worry because the mattresses won’t be worn out anytime soon. In fact, the beds will last longer than conventional mattresses.

No Interruptions when sleeping

Thanks to the viscoelastic foam technology in memory foam mattresses, the elves will experience fewer interruptions when sleeping or taking a nap. Elves, like us, also sleep with their spouses. We know that folks who sleep with partners often interrupted when the partner makes movement or talks in one’s sleep. But with memory foam mattress, the impact of the movement will not spread around the bed. Instead, it will just happen below the doer. That means one elf will not feel the movement of the partner. Your elf friend will not wake up when he or she is sleeping. In case you are married with an elf, he or she will not be disrupted by your sudden changing position. That way you won’t need to deal with your father-in-law in the Elfhome. FYI, disrupting elf’s sleep can put you in jail for a week or more, depending on the level of disruption.

Manage During the Winter

Did you remember when Legolas told the story about the dying Elves when they marched over Helcaraxe? That proves that elves are sensitive to the winter season, the same as Mortals. In the past, some elves couldn’t manage the winter because they could not sleep well. The incredible molding technology from memory foam mattresses has helped modern elves to survive in the winter. When the material of the mattress interacts with their body, their heat will be transferred to the mattress. This will also make the body warmer. Now they can preserve their superior acuities thanks to the mattresses.

If elves as a superior race are helped that much by memory foam mattresses, imagine what these can give to the human race. If you have not purchased the memory foam mattresses yet, you may have missed your days with comfortable and quality sleeping.

Now you understand why Elve love to sleep and they love to sleep on the best memory foam mattresses.

This video shows, how elves sleep on the best memory foam mattresses:







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